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COVID-19 Clinical 

Testing Solutions

Proven History of Molecular Diagnostic Excellence

In a quickly-spreading pandemic, it is more important than ever to quickly and accurately determine whether a person is infected.

Deliver precise, high-volume COVID-19 clinical testing with LuminUltra’s RNA Isolation Kits.

LuminUltra scientists are working to help protect against COVID-19.

RNA Isolation Kits 

for Your Testing Needs 

With LuminUltra’s RNA Isolation Kits, you can perform extraction and purification of RNA for later

quantification via Reverse Transcription qPCR (RT-qPCR) or other applicable molecular diagnostic platforms.

Our kits are available in both basic and standard formats supporting manual and automated processes.

User Requirements

• Collected samples and/or sampling capabilities

• PCR testing devices and associated assays

• Trained medical laboratory technicians proficient in molecular biology diagnostics

• Approval to carry out clinical pathogen testing

Molecular Biology Diagnostics

Helping Canada Test for COVID-19

Putting Our Expertise to Work

In response to the growing public health need as the COVID-19 pandemic expanded, LuminUltra quickly responded to Canada’s call for help. Applying our knowledge, we expanded our production to include the development of extraction reagents for clinical testing.

LuminUltra is now a key supplier of COVID-19 clinical testing reagents for the Government of Canada. For the next year, we will be providing 500,000 tests per week to the federal testing program. Since April we have shipped millions of tests to locations across the country.

Read more about our work supporting Canada’s clinical testing program. 

Test. Identify. Act.

Verify Disinfection Protocols

Test surfaces to ensure that your environment has been successfully remediated of the presence of the SARS-CoV-2––the virus that causes COVID-19.

Identify Asymptomatic Carriers

Discover the virus in your environment and determine which people to test to reduce the risk of spread through early detection.

Classify at-risk populations by conducting regular environmental testing of high-touch surfaces including door handles and shared spaces.

Facilitate Contact Tracing

Environmental + Clinical Testing 

For the Full Picture

In addition to clinical monitoring, testing surface, air, and wastewater environments is crucial in pinpointing the virus and mitigating risk. LuminUltra Environmental Monitoring Solutions leverage the same technology used in our clinical testing products to produce rapid results.  

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