Dozens of fortune 500 customers across >80 countries trust LuminUltra’s technology, production reliability, and customer service.

Expertise in molecular testing

As a global leader in field-based molecular diagnostic testing since 1995, we believe that detecting and measuring microorganisms is the key to safer, more productive environments. We have been developing fast, simple, innovative solutions for detecting pathogens, even in difficult to assay sample types, for 25 years.

Holistic approach to pandemic management

In addition to clinical diagnostic testing, LuminUltra also provides supplies, equipment, reagents, and services for wastewater and surface testing.

Steadfast, reliable supply

In the height of the pandemic, while many labs across North America were struggling to source testing supplies, LuminUltra was a key supplier to the Government of Canada, providing RNA Isolation Kits for 500,000 tests/week to meet national need.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and production and supply chain expertise ensure the ability to meet high-volume needs.

Our Core Values
Maximum commitment and urgency.

Integrity and respect in all we do.

Challenge the status quo.

Remain flexible at all times.

Outstanding community experience.

Excellence in customer service

Our core values, revolve around serving our customers and community.

When Prime Minister Trudeau put out a call to supply the government of Canada with the tools they needed to mitigate the pandemic, LuminUltra answered the call.

One year later, we’re working closely with partners who are new to the clinical testing space to help them get mobile clinics up and running to serve small communities in the southern US.

Want to learn more about LuminUltra’s microbial testing history and offerings?



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